Team identity

Team identity

Why is it important to define quickly?

  • To be talked about and to be noticed
  • To start getting in touch with other FRC teams
  • To look for partners

An FRC team is first identified by name and team number. The number is assigned to the team only when it registers for its first official Regional. After this allocation, it can no longer change. The first thing to do is find the name of the team. The best is that it is original to be more easily retained by the other teams. The name can be indicative of the specifics of the team and its identity.

To find inspiration for a team name, you can visit The Blue Alliance, the website that references all FRC teams.

How to define a visual indentity?

  • Create a logo
  • Determine the official team colors (advice: choose an RGB code that is easy to remember).

Examples of teams:

Once the identity work is done, you have to get started on social media. The easiest way is to start on Instagram and subscribe to other FRC teams. If you start posting regularly about your activities, the number of followers will increase rapidly. You can then open a Facebook account and a YouTube channel.

When a certain budget has been found, the first things to buy for the visual identity are the team t-shirts. Why not by adding the first partners.

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