Team composition

Team composition

A team is generally made up of 10 to 40 students, but certain American teams can have more than 150 students. Officially, no minimum or maximum quota is set. Only the age group is imposed: from 14 to 18 years old.

Robo’Lyon is made up of about 25 students and 10 mentors each year. In 2019, there were: 9 secondes (10th grade), 7 première (11th grade), 7 terminales (12th grade) and 11 mentors.


Mentoring is one of the flagship values ​​of the competition. This is the link created between the students of the team and the more experienced adults involved in the project. Very often, they are high school teachers, parents of students, outside professionals who provide the team with their experience, or students (often former high school students / team).

Robo’Lyon’s mentors in 2019 are: 3 students (former students of the team), 7 students’ parents (or former students), and 1 high school teacher (Biology and Computer Sciences).

Mentors are essential to the functioning of the team. They take on many missions:

  • Administration and budget (search for partners, registrations, flight / hotel reservations)
  • Team structure (help with the distribution of roles, recruitment …)
  • Professional / student experience (contribution of knowledge in the technical fields, communication, management, events, etc.)
  • Management of the season’s progress (organization of meetings, events, presentations, competition supervision, etc.)

Although mentors play a crucial role in the team, they should not impose their vision on the students and carry out the projects for them. On the contrary, their role is to encourage free thinking, initiative and communication within the team.

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