Team Budget

Team Budget

Budget for a season

To assess its budget, it is imperative to choose the Regional in which the team wishes to participate and to decide how many members of the team will travel. Depending on the location, it will be easy to request quotes from airlines, youth hostels or hotels to start establishing a forecast.

Robo’Lyon has always chosen to travel to the Regional with the whole team. It has always seemed important to us to bring the competition to life for each of its members.

It is also important to determine what amount will be allocated for the construction of the robot (s). For a European team which must send its competition robot at least 2 to 3 weeks before the date of the competition, it may be worth considering the construction of 2 robots: 1 for the competition, 1 other to continue the improvements and the pilot training.

Here is Robo’Lyon’s budget for a season, with a trip of 36 people to the Los Angeles Regional (for a young team and in a cheaper Regional, the budget can be considerably lower):

Events (e.g. trade fairs) 3 000 €
Regional registration fee 5 000 €
Construction of the robot 15 000 €
Goodies and communication in competition 1 000 €
Travel (team and robot) 30 000 €
Other (meals, equipment, etc.) 2 000 €
TOTAL 56 000 €

Resources can come from different sources:

  • Sponsors (the most important most important source but also the most difficult to obtain)
  • Events and sales (sale of chocolate rolls, fir trees, clothing, Mercotte master classes, etc.)
  • Memberships of association members (students, families, teachers …)
  • Participation of families in the trip (this can be reduced depending on partnerships found).

For Los Angeles 2020, the contribution of each student was 500 €.

The biggest difficulty in terms of budget is to understand the fact that the team can be selected for the Championship (Detroit or Houston) during the Regional. This implies an additional trip across the Atlantic to be organized in record time! (4 to 5 weeks)

It is important to make partners aware of this possibility. Some do not hesitate to promise an additional engagement in the event of qualification.

In 5 participations, Robo’Lyon was twice selected for the Championship: In 2017 by winning the Montreal Regional and with the “President’s Award” and in 2018 with the “Engineering Inspiration Award”. For Championship participation, Robo’Lyon has chosen to bring a smaller team to keep costs down.

Championship registration fee 5 000 €
Travel 30 000 €
Robot modifications5 000 €
TOTAL 56 000 €
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