Regional preparation

Regional preparation

Registration for the Regional: This is the very first step which consists in creating the team on the FIRST® site, after having determined 2 coaches. https: //www.FIRST®

At Robo’Lyon, coach 1 is the president and head of the establishment, coach 2 the secretary of the establishment, mentor of the team.

Thus, the two coaches will receive emails throughout the season from FIRST® mentioning the different stages, important dates… of the season. It is from this site that the team will be managed vis-à-vis FIRST®: registration for the competition, registration of members, information of partners, registration in the Regional (s), obtaining vouchers …

Choice of the Regional: From September, it is important to study the possibilities of Regional in particular according to the dates of competition, of the Regional qualifying for the Championship (not all of them are!), Of the facilities of displacement, of team objectives…

At Robo’Lyon we have chosen to give priority, as far as possible, to school holidays to facilitate student life. The first years, the team had chosen the Montreal Regional to approach the competition without language problem. FIRST® QUEBEC brings, in French, logistics already in place. The importance of the awards for which the judges question the students during the competition should not be overlooked. In Montreal, the judges speak French !!!

Reservations: In addition to choosing the Regional, it is imperative to start canvassing the airlines in order to obtain the best rates for the movement of the team. The awards can also determine the choice of the Regional! As soon as FIRST® returns on the final choice of the Regional, put an option on the plane tickets and consider accommodation. If many choices of Youth Hostels are possible in Canada, in the United States it will however be necessary to stay in a hotel. The days of competition have a wide hourly amplitude, it is better to opt for half-board and plan with agreement or not with the host a lunch box for lunch. Be careful beforehand about formalities (validity of passports, exit permits, visas).

Robot transport: FIRST® offers to help young teams in financing the robot transport. An online request on the site must be completed and argued, then submitted. It is however important, in the event of refusal, to canvass a partner likely to assume all or part of the transport cost, significant in the budget. The robot travels in a box whose dimensions are communicated by FIRST®.

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