Recruitment and integration

Recruitment and integration


The season begins with the recruitment of new ones (Sophomores and a few Juniors). Depending on the places available and the demand of high school students, a selection system can be implemented. It is important to communicate about the team within the school to generate interest among the largest number of students.

In our school, Robo’Lyon is known to all because: we are mentioned many times during presentations and meetings, we have open workshop sessions, many students follow us on social networks, we organize events within the school, etc. This does not prevent us from going into all the freshman classes at the start of the year to introduce ourselves again and explain the recruitment procedures. Recruitment takes place in several stages: online form on our site, motivation interview, selection internship (this year). Recruitment is the most important phase of the year. The best students make up the best team.


An integration weekend is organized in September to bring the new team together. It is an opportunity to get to know each other better and learn more about the competition, the history of the team, our objectives… And above all to build the atmosphere of the team (which goes hand in hand with importance of recruitment) essential for the smooth running of the season.

Each year, the team leaves for a night at a campsite or in an inn and takes part in numerous teams building activities such as laser games, pétanque (French traditional game) tournaments, Time’s up, etc. During the year, parties or activities are also organized by the students. (without the mentors) in order to strengthen the links that unite them.

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