The main objectives of the pre-season are to get to know each other, gain skills in tools and methods and raise funds to start the season on the right foot. It is also an opportunity to refine the organization based on the mentors who will be involved throughout the season.

Increase skills in tools and methods: during the 4 months of the pre-season, students are mainly mobilized on Saturdays. A software and technical learning program are put in place by pupils in Junior or Senior grade to allow the “new” to familiarize themselves with their working tools. Projects are set up to put this knowledge into practice, such as the prototyping of mechanisms.

Fundraising: Students are made aware of the budget year upon arrival and are called upon to find sponsors and partners to support us, as well as to collect new memberships. Visits to partners and prospects are organized with the students and the robot from the previous year. They therefore actively participate in this essential task.

Events can also be organized to raise money and to increase our presence in the community.

In 2019, we organized a Christmas tree sale, cooking lessons with our godmother Mercotte, “Croissants” sales … all for the benefit of Robo’Lyon.

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