Internal Organisation

Internal Organisation

Distribution of roles

It is advisable to operate under the statute of association law 1901. Several roles will have to be allotted to the members of the team (not to exclude the pupils from these roles):

  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Communication (at least one student)
  • Partnership (at least one adult)
  • Robotics and mechanics (at least 5 people)

We can combine roles, but above all we must ensure that the first objectives are met. It is important that these roles are not fixed, we can ask for help from others, the roles must work together. For example, a person who works for communication may ask someone from the programming department for an explanatory text for a publication.

Internal communication

The team must agree on a mode of communication. We recommend using a Discord or Slack server which are particularly suitable for group work. We can create different rooms for each project.

Here is an example of using Discord at Robo’Lyon:

Working sessions

In the pre-season, the team must meet at least one day (or two half-days) per week to work on current projects. When the pace intensifies (e.g. before a Regional) meetings take place as soon as the students have time (noon, Friday evening, Wednesday afternoon, Sunday …). Each meeting begins with an update with everyone on the progress of current projects and the distribution of tasks for the day.

Management Committee

It is important that a committee meets regularly to decide on the guidelines for the team. It is made up of mentors and one or two student representatives elected by them.

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