Build a robot

Build a robot

Machining parts for your robot can be done in 3 different ways: conventional (or precision mechanical) machining, the use of 3D printers, and the use of specialized companies.

  • Conventional machining is done with machines available to individuals, such as milling machines, CNCs, or lathes that allow you to machine your own parts following your own plans. These machines require excellent mastery with the compulsory supervision of an adult with experience in precision mechanical machining.
  • Machining can also be done with a 3D printer (for certain parts). All you need is a 3D printer and basic CAD knowledge. Be careful though because the 3D printed parts are quite fragile.
  • Finally, using a laser / water cutting and sheet bending company is an excellent solution for machining parts professionally and quickly. This requires good CAD knowledge and good communication with the company for questions of formats or parts tolerance. Robo’Lyon parts are machined by the partner Groupe Noel, a company that performs laser cutting.

Pre-conceptualized robot

It is possible to order the controllable base, the motor and the electronics: homologous parts and necessary for the robot in order to participate in the competition. All of this is delivered and all that remains is to edit and code everything, which is quite simple to do.

(see FRC parts supplier)

Materials to use

  • Wood: cheap and fast
  • Aluminum/Steel: for laser cutting (machining) and general mechanics
  • PVC/plastic: for CNC, general mechanical machining and 3D printer
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